Model on the Muuve Feb 2020

Eboni, Model, New York City, NY


H: 5’ 9”, B: 32”, W: 24”, Hips: 34”, Dress: 2, Weight: 125 lb.

Ethnicity: Black/African-American

Social Media: Instagram and Twitter @Wild_beaut

1. So how did you get into modeling. Do you consider yourself a model or someone that enjoys posing for photos?

A. I began officially modeling after doing one Photoshoot. After the end of a relationship, on my list of things to do as my healing continued was to pour love into myself. I chose to pour love into myself by attempting to see ”Eboni” in a different light. I loved the feeling it gave me; the option to be the woman of my dreams in front of the lens helped me manifest her throughout my everyday life. I DO consider myself a model, if our definition of one is a creator and portrayer of energy. 

2. What makes you a model (person) on the Muuve?

A. I’m a model on the MUUVE because of the work I do outside of the industry. I’m a mindfulness educator in NYC. I teach students and faculty mindfulness tools and strategies that I implement personally. I’ve been blessed to have quickly been aligned in the industry with people and brands that help me foster and develop this personal practice. 

3. What are your current goals? 

A. One of my current goals in the industry is to walk for major brands’ runway during NYFW. 

One of my current goals outside of the industry is to startup a community of educators that network throughout NYC through meditation events and open conversations.

4. What motivates you to keep going when things get tough or difficult?

A. When things are difficult, I embrace every part of it. I have a “what can I learn from this?” perspective; especially with my history as a classroom teacher at one of the top charter schools in NY state. Challenges are hints that growth is coming. Who wouldn’t get excited about that?

5. What are your other interested, hobbies, past times.

A. Some hobbies I have are:

Writing poetry ( currently self-published author, 2017)


Practicing Yoga



6. You are an attractive female. How do you like to be approached? 

A. The best way to approach me is not by calling me attractive. Telling me I’m beautiful is not impressive nor is it news to me (not to sound conceited, but...). The best way to approach me is by having good energy as an individual because I’ll sense it before we even have the opportunity to speak. I am currently in a relationship.

7. When dating, what are your attracted to first?

A. When dating, I’m first attracted to the other person’s vibe. I notice how I feel around the other person, how we connect, how we laugh, how we speak...

8. What are your turn offs?

A. Turn Offs - People that WASTE time. Life is too short. 9.  What are your turn offs?

A. Turn Offs - People that WASTE time. Life is too short.

10. Craziest pick up line you've heard?

A. The craziest pick up line I’ve ever heard? I honestly can’t remember, I tune those things out or just let them go.

11. Fav Childhood Memory?

A. I have so many, but one would have to be singing “Weak” by SWV with my close friends in junior high school. We were at this park that we all used to go to after school and stood on some bleachers and sangggg. I mean, it was a performance...without the audience.

12. Favorite holiday?

A. That would be Thanksgiving because I am very grateful for so much.

13. Favorite song or artist?

A. One of my favorite songs is Mellow by Pete Philly and the Perquisite. It always gets me singing and dancing. 

14. Quick round of Pick One:

a. Basketball or Football - Football b. Chicken or Beef - I'm Vegan

c. Apple or Android - Apple

d. MJ or Beyonce - That's an unfair question lol!

e. Cold or Hot - Hot

f.  Margarita or Wine - Wine

g. Cookies or Brownies - Brownies

h. Singing or Dancing - Dancing

h. Mac or Bobbi Brown -MAC

15. Last words or comments, thanks or anything you want to share that wasn't covered?

A. Thank you MUUVES Digital Magazine for giving me this platform! I’m extremely honored. To the readers, I’m always interested in working with new creatives. So if you’re ever in NYC, let’s see what magic we can make together. #PracticeHappinessWithEb

Thank you again for choosing me to be this month’s model of the month!

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