Entertainer on the Muuve Feb 2020

Chocolate KNDY, Performing Artist. I’m not from anywhere, but I live in Charlotte, NC.

Social Media: @chocolateKNDY

Photo by @aunaturalephoto

Chat with Chocolate KNDY

Kndy! Thank you for allowing us a few moments of your time to interview and recognize your many accomplishments and talent. Would you mind answering a few questions for us?

Please tell our readers who you are.

A. Well my name is KNDY. I’m not from anywhere, but I currently live in Charlotte, NC.

2. Help tell our audience who you are?

A. I'm many things, but if I had to narrow it down to my current interest, I am a rapper, writer, model and muse.

3. How and when did you get started as an artist?

A. I’ve always done various things with art and music when I was growing up, but I got serious about my music career in 2016/2017.

3. What are your current goals?

A. I want to support myself fully with music! Whether it’s freelancing, doing shows with my band or selling records - I want multiple streams of income sourced from music.

4. Tell us a little about your past, current and/or future project(s)? Including any entrepreneurial endeavors.

A. I released “the KNDYmix” mixtape on SoundCloud in 2017 and I just dropped my EP “E13MENTS of:” on all streaming platforms a few weeks ago. I’m also currently working on an app.

5. What motivates you to keep Muuving (moving) when things get tough or difficult?

A. What motivates me to keep moving is freedom. I hate feeling trapped or as if the people I love are trapped. I want the means to give opportunities to myself and my family so that we can move upward and beyond our current circumstance.

6. How do you overcome challenges? 

A. I overcome challenges by feeling through them and listening to my intuition. I operate through faith and use my heart for strength.

7. What are your other interested, hobbies, past times?

A. Music is everything to me, but I do love to cook and eat. I also really enjoy dancing.

8. What do you do when you are not working?  

A. When I’m not working, I’m eating, listening to music or watching Netflix.

9. What do you enjoy most about the entertainment industry?

A. I enjoy performing on stage and collaborating with dope artists with whom I find similarities.

10. What about the least?

A. What I like least is having to pay to “get on”. Nowadays you have to have money to be an artist. That isn’t the case in EVERY situation, but it’s undeniably prevalent.

11. If you could go back into history to a particular area, when would it be and why?

A. If I had the ability to time travel, I wouldn’t go back. I would only go forward. 

12. Share any last words or comments, thanks or anything else you want to share that wasn't covered.

A. Stay grounded and let your art flow out of you. Let love consume you and burst through you. Check out my song Mude if you wanna feel free. Also thank you Muuves Digital Mag for featuring me in your latest edition.

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