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Muuves Digital Magazine (MDM) has been building and planning a media outlet that centers around the exposure and showcasing of the finest talent, creative skills, and entrepreneurship in the Carolinas and Beyond. Our vision for MDM is to highlight and create content focused on showcasing the talents and gifts of talented individuals in our society. More specifically the Models, Entreprenuers and Entertainers. These individuals all have a common goal: to share their God–Given talents to those who will receive it, and we know Muuves Digital Mag is the avenue to help them achieve their goals.

Come Muuve with us.

Damany 'Smiley" Mayfield, Owner, Editorial Director


Let us provide you with quality and creative content in both print, audio and video formats on an all digital platform.


Our purpose to bring positive exposure to all of those who are striving for better and  making positive change around us. 


Positive messages only. Have a global impact on connecting the many commonalities and differences with people from  around the world.


Give all that want it, the platform to share, interactive, show case and communicate across mediums.


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